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On security, network engineering and distributed systems

Technology Selection in Cloud Native Era

Submitted by Vishal Biyani (@vishal-biyani) on Aug 1, 2019

Section: Birds of Feather (BOF) session Category: DevOps Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


Open source has lead to an explosion in number of choices when it comes to technology and tooling. This abundance comes with the overhead of decision making and expecting that the decisions will be of value in future. When developing for a cloud native stack today - these choices can be mind boggling and at the same time may not solve all problems for given use case.


  • There are many tools for cloud native development workflow - both for inner loop and outer loop of development.
  • Many tools launched one year ago are not actively maintained anymore and risk of being outdated
  • The new tools launched are almost a re-packaging of few of existing tools still leave a lot of desired functionality not available.

Speaker bio

Vishal is an engineer focused on programmable & scalable infrastructure in his earlier roles and latest as a CTO at InfraCloud Technologies. He is a contributor to Fission - Serverless functions for Kubernetes, organizes “Pune Kubernetes & CNCF Meetup” and “Pune Serverless Meetup” every month and is a Google Developer expert ( Oh and he likes books, cycle and natural/urban landscapes.


  • Anwesha Sarkar (@anweshaalt) 11 months ago

    Hello Vishal,

    Thank you for your submmission. Here are the feedback for your proposal :

    • Can elaborate the abstarct as well as outline paried with some real life examples?
    • Can you share some real world war stories to understand the problems you have mentioned in the proposal?
    • Do you want to make a point about CNCF through your talk or is there something else in your agenda?

    Submit your slides and preview video by 12th this will help us to evaluate your proposal better.

    • Vishal Biyani (@vishal-biyani) Proposer 11 months ago

      Hi Anwesha, is the slide & video needed for a BOF?

  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 11 months ago

    Hello Vishal,

    Who is the audience for this talk? From the abstract, it appears that the message you want to communicate is to engineering leaders. This is not the audience at Rootconf Pune.

    Participants at Rootconf Pune are hands-on practitioners who want practical advice on how to improve their craft, and how to make decisions to adopt tools based on the experiences of their peers.

    • Vishal Biyani (@vishal-biyani) Proposer 11 months ago

      Hi Zainab, this is BOF for practitioners. As an engineer we try multiple tools for a job and then choose one. There is technical debt when choosing a tool/technology and there are too many choices right now in the toolbox. We can discuss with other practitioners the criterias they use and mechanism to contain dependency and technical debt for the decisions.

      • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 11 months ago

        Yes, this makes sense, as a BOF. My bad that I didn’t notice you added this as a BOF proposal.

        I want to suggest including Gaurav Kamboj and Ashwin Murali for this BOF too. I will make introductions to them so that all of you can discuss the format and structure.

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