Rootconf 2018

On scaling infrastructure and operations


Metal as a Service: Foreman Discovery

Submitted by Rahul Bajaj (@rabajaj) on Sunday, 25 February 2018

Section: Crisp Talk Technical level: Beginner


When we talk about cloud, we usually hear of Paas, Saas and Iaas. This talk introduces Maas i.e Metal as a Service to the audience. This talk consists of a brief introduction to the Foreman Project and Foreman Discovery, followed by a deep understanding of Maas and how it is implemented in Foreman Discovery. Lastly, the aim of this talk would be to encourage newbies to contribute to the Foreman Project anf Foreman Discovery.


Introduction to Baremetal Provisioning

1) Discovery as MaaS.
2) IPMI.
3) PXE.
4) IPXE.

Discovering a host using Foreman Discovery

1) Demo for discovering a host.
2) Fact parsing in Discovery.

Discovery functioning and Deep Dive

1) Auto-provisioning.
2) Reboot Feature.
3) Post provisioners (Puppet/Ansible).

Speaker bio

Rahul is an Associate Software Engineer, Red Hat. He is a part of the official foreman organization( He contributes mostly to the Foreman project and is a ‘Red Hat Certified Specialist in Configuration Management’. He is also the organizer of Foreman Pune Meetups.


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