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Herald: HAProxy agent for load feedback

Submitted by Raghu Udiyar (@rags) on Saturday, 27 January 2018

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Section: Crisp Talk Technical level: Advanced

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Herald ( is a haproxy agent we built to implement load feedback. This talk will explain the Haproxy load balancing problem we faced, why load feedback was required and how Herald solved the problem.

This should be interesting to folks familiar with load balancers, especially Haproxy.


  • Brief introduction to Haproxy
  • Explain the problem with load balancing when response times are uneven
  • Explain Load Feedback as the solution to the above problem
  • Explain the haproxy agent check feature and how that provides a load feedback mechanism
  • Introduce Herald as the haproxy agent check service
  • Questions

Speaker bio

I lead the Production Engineering Team at Helpshift, which is responsible for Helpshifts Infrastructure, Automations and Operations, Systems Architecture, Performance Engineering and so on. Spent almost a decade understanding, solving and setting up software solutions for small and large scale companies - from a SysAdmin to Tech Support, and now a Software Engineer -



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