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DevOps for Bank IT

Submitted by Kamalika Majumder (@kamalikam) on Friday, 16 February 2018

Section: Full talk Technical level: Intermediate

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In this session I will be talking about how to transform a traditional Banking IT operations to DevOps engineers. This will include examples on how an organisation can go from ITOPs to devops, will include key priciples of DevOps and how organisations can transform their cultire and mindset and boost their process towards Digital Transformation.


This talk will be based on my current project where I am enabling DevOps for an Offshore Banking Organisation.
Here I will give an overview or what is DevOps ,its key principles and building blocks followed by what it means for any Organisation. This will include role of DevOps in Digital Transformation on an org. Then I will explain about how to enable DevOps in Banking Systems. How to transform a traditional IT Operations to a flat DevOps lifecycle. This will them have a quick demo of some of the platforms and tools that can helpp in building an end to end devops lifecycle.

Speaker bio

The words that best define myself - Consultant, Coach , Infra-dev, Sysadmin and Solo Traveller
I provide consulting to customers in a variety of domains like Product, Services, Consulting firms set up build and deliver automated infrastructure development and deployment across multiple platforms and clouds. I also help them to enable Devops and Continuous delivery practices in their organisation. My brand name is CloudKata and you can know more about it here:
I have been a system and network administrator in Infrastructure during early days of my career and then moved to be a Consultant for Infrastructure Engineering, Development and Delivery.
I also like travelling , blogging , presenting and participating in conferences. I have recently published a tutorial for beginners in networking. This and many more blogs can be found in my blog site



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