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On service reliability


Continuous Deployment using Immutable Infrastructure with Packer and VSTS

Submitted by Maninderjit Bindra (@maninderjit) on Monday, 6 February 2017

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Section: Full talk of 40 mins duration Technical level: Intermediate


Immutable infrastructure in context of VMs implies that applications are baked into VM images, and once a VM is deployed it is never altered. To start with we will look at the principles and benefits of Immutable infrastructure. Then we will look at the implementation details of a continuous deployment flow, where each check in triggers baking of a new VM Image (using Packer), and then reliably updating the application using the latest baked VM Image .


  • What is Immutable Infrastructure ? Benefits ? (10 mins)
    • Common Deployment management Pain points
    • How Immutable infrastructure Helps
  • What is Hashicorp Packer? Why use Packer? (5 mins)
  • Walkthrough of continuous deployment flow of LAMP application using Packer and VSTS (20 mins). Github repo link :
  • Q/A (5 mins)

Speaker bio

Maninderjit Bindra is a Solutions Architect, and has 16 years of industry experience. He has designed and implemented several high volume, business critical applications and APIs, using open source Technologies. In his current role (Technical Evangelist with Microsoft) he helps partners, customers and developers in building scalable and resilient solutions on the Microsoft cloud platform. He is also a docker community mentor for the docker Mumbai user group.



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  • saurabh hirani (@saurabh-hirani) 2 years ago

    Should be a good contained talk. As per the preview video if there is a good before/after/without_this_these_were_the_problems flow to the talk addressed in the reharsals, the audience would walk away with a full circle.

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