Rootconf 2017

On service reliability


Architecting resilient orchestration of micro-services for cloud infrastructure management

Submitted by Rajvel MP (@mprajvel) on Sunday, 29 January 2017

Section: Full talk of 40 mins duration Technical level: Advanced


Cloud infrastructure is not a single entity nor can it be a monolithic service. Customers have different needs, each ones demand and style of use is different, the use cases are only growing. How can we design solutions that caters this wide gamut of users. How can we arrange the cogs so that end user feels that they have the control and doesn’t feel alienated to the infrastructure they ‘virtually’ own.


I’ll take a real world example/ use-case and see how to go about it

This talk will cover the following
1) A quick intro of IaaS and the components involved at a high level
2) How to build a orchestration engine that is scalable, maintenable and extendendable
3) what are the failure scenarios and how can we handle them
4) How can we build a system that will be agnostic and adaptable to new challenges
5) Performance measure using metrics
6) How to self heal

Speaker bio

I have architechted and designed a resilient solution for a IaaS. I’d like to share the lessons that were learnt the hard way



  • Philip Paeps (@trouble) 2 years ago

    To evaluate your proposal for a full 40-minute slot, the editorial panel will need a much more detailed outline than this, ideally with estimates of how much time you intend to spend on each topic.

    It is safe to assume that attendees of Rootconf will be familiar with IaaS at a high level, so you can probably omit the introduction and jump straight into your topic.

    As the editorial panel can’t read your mind, you will need to tell us what technologies you used for your orchestration engine and why we would be interested in hearing about them. What are your failure scenarios and how do you handle them? How are you measuring performance and self-healing?

    Tell us more.

  • Rajvel MP (@mprajvel) Proposer 2 years ago

    Hi, I got another mail from the reviewer asking for slides; I am working on them. I’ll share the break-up of time spend on topics/slides.

    sure, will share the tech stack details as well in a day or two.

  • Rajvel MP (@mprajvel) Proposer 2 years ago

    Hi Philip,

    I just replied to Zanib over email.
    can I get you email id?


    • Philip Paeps (@trouble) 2 years ago

      I’m sure you can find my email address without too much difficulty if you try. :)

      However, it would be more helpful if you could simply edit / expand your proposal here so others can also easily evaluate.

  • saurabh hirani (@saurabh-hirani) 2 years ago

    Echoing Philip’s point - I think it would help the general audience to get an overview of tools/technologies/approach.

  • asian fanfics (@ducklife) a month ago

    The flexible layout architecture of micro services for cloud infrastructure management you share is quite impressive and important. They are really helpful to me.

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