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Mesos - Your DataCenter OS - Build Fault Tolerant and elastic distributed systems as one unit

Submitted by brijrajsingh on Thursday, 7 January 2016

Section: Full talk Technical level: Advanced Status: Rejected


Build and Run Fault Tolerant and elastic distributed system, using Apache Mesos. Learn how you can deploy and work with your web apps over the cloud on a cluster of machines but treat the cluster as rather a single compute unit, and keeping the cluster in cloud as a fault-tolerant unit.


We’ll see what apache Mesos is all about and how to deploy a cluster of Virtual Machines, Manage the cluster of machines, Deploy our solutions on the apache cluster, and see how our apache mesos handles the faults in our cluster.

Speaker bio

Brij has a decade worth of experience in architecting large traffic, high availability systems for diff industries. Brij shares his learnings and experiences at and on twitter @brijrajsingh



  •   Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 4 years ago

    Please share an outline of the proposed talk, explaining the session flow, objectives and key takeaways for the audience. Also, links to videos of talks you have done in the past will help a lot.

  •   BrijRaj Singh (@brijrajsingh) 4 years ago

    not being able to edit this proposal, how do i submit the changes

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