Rootconf 2015

DevOps and scaling infrastructure

Moving Intuit Mint to AWS – the last mile

Submitted by sajan Tharayil (@sajan) on May 8, 2015

Section: Sponsored session Technical level: Intermediate Status: Confirmed & scheduled


Understand what it takes to architect and a large scale financial SAAS application for AWS


Mint from Intuit ( is premier personal finance software SAAS. This talk covers the journey of what it takes to move a large-scale software from self-hosted data centers to AWS. In this talk we will cover the architecture principles and the mind sets needed for this transformation.



Speaker bio

Linu Koshy - Software Engineer at Intuit who has lead the Dev effort for moving mint into AWS
Sajan Tharayil - DevOps Engineer at Intuit who lead the Operations Effort for moving mint into AWS


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