Rootconf 2015

DevOps and scaling infrastructure

How We Scaled Freshdesk To Take 65M Requests/week

Submitted by Kiran Darisi (@kirandarisi) on Mar 11, 2015

Technical level: Advanced Status: Rejected


As a startup we did multiple things to scale the infra. It is best to share so that it will be helpful for te newbies where to start.


How Freshdesk grown from a 3 instances deployment to a fleet of 100’s of instances. With the exponential growth we got the usual problems on scale and there are multiple options available to solve it. My talk will explain on which one to choose, what is the simplest way to achieve the goal, what are the shortcuts you can take in the initial years, What are the decisions we took and why we took.

Speaker bio

Currently heading the DevOps side of Freshdesk and a memeber in Freshdesk core team and the links tells you more ;). Before i started the journey with Freshdesk i worked in zoho on different technologies like installable, mobile and SAAS based apps.




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