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DevOps and scaling infrastructure


How we run 100’s of Enterprise Rails applications

Submitted by Shyam Sundar C S (@shyamsundar-cs) on Thursday, 26 March 2015

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Section: Crisp talk Technical level: Intermediate


Overview on the Automation Practices and Continuous Delivery principles we follow to run 100’s of Enterprise Rails applications.


We run multiple instances of our application for Fortune 500 companies with strict security requirements. Between that and our rapid iteration cycle, this talk focusses on the automation practices done and Infrastructure decisions taken that helps us manage most of the pain-points related to managing multiple instances of applications.

Speaker bio

Currently an Infrastructure & Security Architect at Jifflenow. Have around 8+ years experience as DevOps. Have worked in Large Web-Scale Production environments. Past experiences include working for SpikeSource, ThoughtWorks and Payoda.



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  • Navaneethakrishnan Ramachandran (@rnavaneeth) 4 years ago

    The information is quite interesting. Scaling of multiple rails environments using the same infrastructure is quite complex

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