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Benchmarking OpenStack using Rally

Submitted by Neependra Khare (@neependra) on Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Section: Full talk Technical level: Advanced Status: Rejected


How to use Rally to find out performance bottlenecks in OpenStack environment


Rally is intended for providing the community with a benchmarking tool that is capable of performing specific, complex and reproducible tests for real deployment scenarios. More details about Rally can be found at

In the session I'll intorduce the audience about Rally and we'll see :-

  • how to deploy an OpenStack environment like DevStack for benchmarking, which can be used for re-producible benchmarks ?

  • scenarios like how many instances one can start on the given hardware setup to meet the SLA.

  • how to run regression performance tests and compare historocal data.

Speaker bio

Neependra has ~10 years of experience in IT industry. He has worked as SysAdmin, support engineer, file system developer. Currently he is working with Red Hat as Performance Engineer and looking after performance for Red Hat Storage (GlusterFS) and OpenStack.

More details about him can be found at



  •   Sreekandh Balakrishnan (@gnuyoga) 6 years ago

    Hi Neependra,

    Benchmarking as a topic is very interesting. If find the talk a bit open eneded. Can you explain what reproducible tests are you going to show. Do you have you slides or old talk that you have given shared ? to get a sense of topics you are gonna cover ?


  •   Neependra Khare (@neependra) Proposer 6 years ago

    Hi Sreekanth,

    I have updated the description to answer some of your questions. There are no old slides here. For more information on the kind of benchmarks we can run, please have a look at following :-


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