ReVue 2019

A gathering of over 250 developers working with Vue.js

by ReVue

ReVue 2019

A gathering of over 250 developers working with Vue.js

by ReVue


30–31 Aug 2019, Bangalore


About the conference: ReVue is a One-day Vue conference by HasGeek.

We’ll be annoucing the theme shortly

Call for proposals


ReVue will feature talks – full length (40 mins), crisp (20 mins), demos (10 mins) and Birds Of Feather (BOF) sessions (60 mins).
You can also propose hands-on workshops of 3-6 hour durations. Workshops will be held on 1 and 3 March.

Selection process:

We are interested in case studies and talks which expose participants to new approaches for problem-solving. We typically don’t accept:

  1. How-to talks
  2. Talks on topics which have been covered in previous editions of the conference
  3. Beginner level or introductory talks

Proposals will be shortlisted and reviewed by an editorial team consisting of practitioners from the community. Make sure your abstract contains the following information:

  1. Key insights you will present, or takeaways for the audience.
  2. Overall flow of the content.

You must submit links to videos of talks you have delivered in the past, or record and upload a two-min self-recorded video explaining what your talk is about, and why is it relevant for this event.

You must also submit links to the following along with your proposal:

  1. A detailed outline, or
  2. Mindmap, explaining the structure of the talk, or
  3. Draft slides.

Honorarium for selected speakers; travel grants:

Selected speakers and workshop instructors will receive an honorarium of Rs. 3,000 for speaking at the conference. Confirmed speakers and instructors also get a pass to the conference. We do not provide free passes for speakers’ colleagues and spouses.

We only offer travel grants to:

  1. Creators of original projects/work that have wide adoption.
  2. Women and persons of non-binary gender who are selected to speak at the conference.

ReVue is funded through ticket sales and sponsorships. Travel grants vary accordingly.

Contact details:

For more information about speaking, sponsorships, tickets, or any other information contact or call 7676332020.