ReactFoo-VueDay Pune edition

React and Vue for performance engineering and front-end development

What does it mean to be Reactive?

Submitted by Aziz Khambati (@azizhk110) on Jan 31, 2020

Duration: 15 mins crisp talk Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


Why are React, Vue and other libraries so hyped?
It’s not because of the fast VDOM. It’s because the change in thinking paradigm.
It’s a shift from imperative programming to reactive programming which results in easy understanding of code.

I’ll be talking about other Reactive paradigms, how these help, how it makes it easier to read and debug code.


What is Iterative Programming?
What does it mean to be Reactive?
UI as a function of State (Declarative UI)
VDOM introduced to get rid of Imperative Programming



Speaker bio

Hi, I’m Aziz.
I’m a Software Developer at Anarock Tech.
I’m a Typescript Fan and cannot code without autocomplete :P




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