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React and Vue for performance engineering and front-end development

Put a knob on that Redux store

Submitted by Thiyagaraj T (@thewizardjs) on Aug 9, 2019

Duration: 20 mins crisp talk Duration: 30 mins full talk Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


State is like a film reel (Quite Literally) & you need to set the right FPS for your user. Discover how to improve rendering performance of your react app using batched actions, action queue & throttling. Find out how to design your own middlewares to instrument action dispatching for performance.


  • How state is like a film reel? See redux in motion.
  • Dispatch Dispatch Everywhere! Centralized store but localised action dispatching. How to make minimum updates to the store?
  • How to mitigate intermediate states to avoid undesired state, hollow re-renders & improve render performance?
  • Discover your new super power - Batched Actions, minimize the number of React re-renders by batching actions.
  • Designing an Action Queue for your store - Enable, Flush, Priority, Size, Queue Jumpers.
  • Throttle actions which can wait - ThrottleQueue for high frequency & low priority actions.
  • Put a knob on that store! Yes you need to, Every app is not the same. (Intro to redux-knob)
  • Orchestrate multiple Action Queues with a Queue Factory.
  • Ideas around different queue strategies, like scheduling actions based on priority, buffer & time based.


Basic understanding of Redux.

Speaker bio

Sr.UI Engineer at, BlrCSS Organizer
Open Source contrubutor, Google Code In Mentor 2017, 2018
Ex GDG Organizer, Talk to me - React, CSS, Firebase, PWA & Pets.
I love drawing on Codepen




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