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Decorating Vue with TypeScript Decorators

Submitted by Dhiraj Shrotri (@dhiraj-shrotri) on Feb 10, 2020

Duration: 15 mins crisp talk Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


A decorator is a special kind of declaration that can help in extending the functionality of your code. Decorators can be attached to a class declaration, method, accessor, property, or parameter. In its simplest form, a decorator is simply a way of wrapping one peice of code with another i.e ‘decorating it’. In this talk I’ll talk about how decorators can be used in Vuejs components and how to write custom decorators to suit your needs.


What are decorators and what’s so great about them?
Decorators in Typescript
A quick look at Decorator Factories
Getting started with Typescript and Vue
Using Typescript in your Vue apps
Using Typescript Decorators to extend functionality of a Vue Component
Introduction to the Vue Class Component and Vue Property Decorator libraries
Writing custom decorators using the Vue Class Component Library


Basic understanding of Typescript

Speaker bio

Hi! I am Dhiraj. I am currently working as a Full Stack Developer at Cloudnaut Technologies for the past one and a half year. Lately I’ve been experimenting with using TypeScript with Vuejs and honestly starting to prefer the combination of Typescript+Vue over Javascript+Vue.



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