ReactFoo-VueDay Hyderabad edition

React and Vue for performance engineering and front-end development


Web Performance with Huge Data

Submitted by Mayuri Rathod on Mar 6, 2020

Duration of the session: 20 mins crisp talk Status: Submitted


We all know that data is new oil and its emerging like anything in this world.
But when it comes to using huge amount of data in the frontend, we end up with different kind of performance issues to handle that data be it rendering, retrieving or manipulating.
This talk will be a walk through of a case study where we see the performance issues and how to takle them.


Below is the high level outline for the presentation
1. Why Huge Data on Frontend?
2. Defining a case study for a scenario
3. Challenges working with the case
4. Tackling the challenge



Speaker bio

Development Engineer at Pramati Technologies



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