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Developing internal React components libraries in an open-source fashion

Submitted by Xavier Lefevre (@xavierlefevre) on Thursday, 1 November 2018


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Did you get the chance to be the author and architect of open-source libraries used by dozens or more other developers?
Me? Somehow I did, for an internal company project: A project of reusable React components shared between development teams.

With this talk you will be able to think reusability when architecting React librairies, you will also learn how to set-up, track and improve success indicators and a robust but open development flow.


I am the architect of an internal company project: A project of reusable React components shared between development teams.

I believe that this topic about how teams can factorise and win time by sharing internal libraries is a rare and complex topic, but at the same time, one that can help many teams in the world.
When talking architecture, we are talking about code/software organisation and evolution for a specific need but also team coordination: and this topic tackles both of those topics.

It’s been 7 months we started this project in an agile way. Today, four teams download and contribute to these libraries on a daily basis, and other departments in the company start to show big interest in participating. Our success indicator showed that wasted time on the development flow went down by 80% under 3 months.

I would be glad to tell you our story:

  • The reason of this project, and the many failed attempts
  • The design of the whole project: from the high level tooling to each package architecture
  • The process we developed and still improve to drive quality and speed of development, among which how we involve the other teams

Speaker bio

Professionally, I am the result of tangled business and technical interests. Coming from a business background, I am today a young architect on web/mobile projects, with the aim to one day build a product that will improve some people’s lives. By the way, I’m French and I live in Paris!



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