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A Closer Look at the React Codebase

Submitted by π•π”Έβ„π•Œβ„• 𝔸 β„™βš‘ (@apvarun) on Mar 13, 2018

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


React, as a UI framework, has come a long way since launch. And if it needs to evolve further, a lot of hands could help. Being a JavaScript library, it is essential for all JavaScript developers to understand the internal beauty of what makes React happen.

In this talk, I will take you on a journey through the react codebase. More importantly, we will have a look at the reason behind some of the quirks of the library itself.


Understanding the way a framework has been written internally gives more power to the developer in optimizing the custom code performance. Although there has been numerous changes to the source code, the core flavor remains intact. And it enables to learning how to work with large code bases as well.

Through this talk, I hope to inspire developers to take a look at the source code of the libraries/frameworks that they are currently using. And also to contribute back to the community.

Here are some of the topics that would be covered in the talk.
- Understanding the source code structure - React Core APIs - The Reconciler(s) - DOM renderer - Synthetic events - And some quirky tips



Speaker bio

I am a Software Engineer/ Front-end developer who works with technology stacks that includes React, Preact, Node, Webpack and even JQuery. I primarily focus on Web Performance and Accessibility.


  • SB

    Sakthivel Balasubramaniam


    2 years ago

    Can React front end by totally decoupled from backend independent of any backend nd database connected!
    Little bite inside of Virtual DOM, Redux and State

  • ZB

    Zainab Bawa


    Crew 2 years ago

    This proposal is better suited for ReactFoo. Moving this to ReactFoo proposals for round the year to put it under consideration for ReactFoo editions in Bangalore and other cities.

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