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React Hooks - Feat Game of Thrones

Submitted by Amandeep Singh (@adsingh) on Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Duration: 40 mins full talk


Brief description: Use fun-filled, story telling methodology to dive deep into the Journey of Functions to over power Classes and become Stateful React Components from Stateless/Dumb components. The thing which stands out would be how I would relate this to the Journey of characters from Game of Thrones

Key Takeaways:
- Deep understanding of React Hooks
- Power of Custom Hooks
- How React Hooks have changed React land
- Motivation to create custom hooks


[ Following in complete Game Of Thrones theme ]
- Function ruling the JS world
- ES6 Classes coming into being and over-powering Functions
- React Classes leaving Functions being called as Dumb Components
- React Hooks “Making Functions Great Again”
- Code Demos
- Custom Hooks


I can take a woorkshop as well on React Hooks. Participants should bring their laptops in case they want to code along.

Speaker bio

I am an independent software consultant and an open source contributor. I love learning and sharing with the community. I also volunteer for various communities including JSLovers and React Delhi NCR. I am open to alter the duration of the talk. Given an opportunity, I can also take a 4-6 hour workshop on React Hooks.




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