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Why React is not suitable for building rich-text editors?

Submitted by Adisha Porwal (@adisha) on Dec 20, 2017

Section: Crisp talk on comparative advantages of React and React Native; success and failure stories with React. Technical level: Beginner Status: Submitted


In this talk, we will be discussing about why React might not be a good idea to build rich text editors. We will also look in (a JS library for building web based editors).

The takeaway from the talk is to learn about “What goes into”, and the “How to” for build web-based content editors.


  1. The paradigms of rich-text editors.
  2. How views are rendered using states in React.
  3. Why React will not work for rich text editing.
  4. Introduction to
  5. Substance’s way of managing synchronous updates.

Speaker bio

I am a software engineer working at who loves working on Frontend.




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