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Let's Sync the Async- A Primer on Redux Sagas

Submitted by Preeti Wadhwani (@preetiwadhwani) on Tuesday, 14 November 2017

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Section: Full talk on success and failure stories with React; code overheads and code rewrite stories with React Technical level: Intermediate

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Have you ever come across a situation where you want to pause function execution for some time, for example, when you’re waiting for an API response and based on it you want to perform different some action? Or you’re waiting for your database sync to finish? If it sounds relatable, you probably handled such cases using Promises/Redux-thunk, etc. but this talk will provide a cleaner solution for dealing with such async tasks, using Redux Sagas.

Redux Sagas take advantage of an ES6 feature called Generators to make such asynchronous flows easy to read, write and test. This talk will focus on exploring Generator functions, and see how can we take advantage of it to deal with async operations and make our lives simpler.


  • Introduction to Generator functions
  • Generators in action
  • How redux-saga using generator functions
  • Using it in real world application
  • Writing tests for Sagas


The participants must be familiar with Redux.

Speaker bio

Preeti is a programmer at heart, with over 3+ years on mobile. She’s worked on multiple but Android remains her passion, with her experience allowing her to handle complete development cycles, and to go on and lead adjacent teams. When she isn’t glued to her code, Preeti can be found experimenting with gourmet or playing her guitar.



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