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Building Performant Instant Github Repo Search With React Native

Submitted by @BilalBudhani (@bilalbudhani) on Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Section: Crisp talk on comparative advantages of React and React Native; success and failure stories with React. Technical level: Intermediate Status: Awaiting details


Together let’s look what goes inside building a real world React Native application by dissecting a Instant Github search application ( I built to get a deeper understanding of the framework & UI implementation.


  • Introduction to FlatList component
  • Wiring up your components with InstantSearch library
  • Understanding how to highlight searched text in the dynamic list
  • What & How of Algolia service.


Basic React Native understanding.

Speaker bio

I’m an independent React, React Native, Javascript & Ruby On Rails consultant –– who has worked for companies like BigBinary, Crowdfire, Embibe, SupportBee etc. I also organise Javascript meetups in Mumbai.


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