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Preact is dopeee

Submitted by Anup Kumar (@anup07) on Monday, 5 March 2018

Technical level: Beginner Status: Under evaluation


Some of you might have heard about preact and may have even played around with it. Let’s dig a little deeper and explore the factors that make preact awesome. We will look at the advantages of preact over react, how easy it is to get up and running a project using preact-cli.


Preact is a fast 3KB alternative to React with the same API. It’s also one of the fastest Virtual DOM libraries out there, thanks to a simple and predictable diff implementation.

This talk will walk you through all the things that make preact awesome.

Here’s a brief outline of the talk:

1) What is Preact?
2) Advantages of preact over react
3) What makes preact different from react?
4) How to swap a project from react to preact
5) Using preact-compat for compatibility between preact and react
6) Getting started with preact-cli
1) Main features of preact-cli 2) Performance benefits of using preact-cli


There are no technical requirements for this talk. Any audience with basic front-end knowledge is welcome to attend this talk.

Speaker bio

Anup is a JavaScript fanboy. He is a front-end developer at BookMyShow and core team member of PreactJS and helps maintaing Preact CLI. While he is not reviewing the PRs and drafting releases, he builds PWA’s with Preact



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