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Create your own Custom Async Renderer with diffing in Web Worker

Submitted by Aziz Khambati (@azizhk110) on Apr 16, 2018

Technical level: Advanced Status: Under evaluation


I’ll be going through some of the design of react-reconciler, fibre and how to create your own custom renderer.


  • Async Rendering (Pros & Cons, Limitations)
  • React Reconciler
  • Web Worker
  • Fiber - Mutations & Message Passing
  • Data Structures for VDOM
  • How to traverse VDOM for chunking render and how to use requestIdleCallback
  • Whats missing? What to expect from future versions of React

I will be discussing how we can go from
Sync Rendering Example [ ]
Async Rendering Example [ ]


Curiosity to learn internals of React

Speaker bio

Hey, I’m a frontend dev at Anarock, previously at



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