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Building offline first applications in the react ecosystem

Submitted by Mihir Khatwani (@mihirkhatwani) on Mar 28, 2018

Technical level: Advanced Status: Under evaluation


The talk addresses the what, why, how and huh? of building offline first applications in the react ecosystem.
What are offline first applications and why in certain use-cases having them is or can be beneficial.
How to go about building your offline first client app in the react/react-native ecosystem with approach appropriate to your use case. What are the tools/libraries available in your arsenal and their pros, cons and their applicability to different architecture choices.


  • What?
    • What are offline first applications
    • Examples
  • Why?
    • Use cases
  • How?
    • Identifying what data to store on the client and its validity
    • Storage medium to use on the client (web and phone)
    • Exploring various tools/features like Realm, GunDB, IndexedDB, Service Workers for the above purpose
    • Different possible approaches on how and when to pull and push data to the server.
    • Explore various tools/features/transport protocols like Custom, Service Workers, Realm, Relay, REST, gRPC etc which can be used for above
  • Huh?
    • Problems with Offline first apps
  • Brief description of architecture used by OpenCHS and Gunak

Speaker bio

I have worked on 2 offline first react-native open source products (OpenCHS and Gunak), 1 of them for the Health Ministry.
I also have been working in the React ecosystem for the past 3 years. Co-Founder at Samanvay Foundation.



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