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Server side rendering with React and Redux

Submitted by Lokesh Agrawal (@agrawalo) on Jan 25, 2018

Section: Workshop Technical level: Intermediate Status: Submitted


Build React, Redux, and React Router app using Server Side Rendering (SSR), Isomorphic, and Universal JS techniques


Note: This course assumes you’ve got the basics of React, Redux, and Express.

Go beyond the basics of React and Redux! This workshop will teach you to combine the ultra-popular React v16, Redux, React Router, and Express technologies to build a server-side-rendered web application.

In this workshop we’ll build one application that profiles the challenges of server side rendering with React, Redux, React Router, and Express. By putting each concept into a real app, you’ll get a better idea of when to use each unique and powerful feature.



Speaker bio

Close to 5 years of experience in developing highly-available, scalable and distributed systems in the eCommerce space. Created several web and mobile applications using react and redux. a more comprehensive profile


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