ReactFoo 2017

A conference on React

Enriching Developer Experience using React Native

Submitted by Muskein Singh (@muskein) on Aug 20, 2017

Section: Crisp Talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


One of the main reasons why we adopted React Native at Flipkart was to be able to enrich developer experience and build large scale interactive applications with minimal effort. We, at Flipkart, have been using React Native over a year now. React Native allows us to send over the air updates to our users instantly. This talk is aimed at explaining how we solve for the things that happens behind the hood
1. Internal distribution of the production ready bundles - to QA, business, product and other engineering teams.
2. Developing features on React Native within an app using our console.


Why React Native?
React Native Development Inside Native App
One click solution
Bundle Deployments to Pre Production
Ship to Production

Speaker bio

Muskein helped initiate the creation of the React Native team at Flipkart. He has been using React Native for over a year now and he built the Search/Browse and Filter experience on Android and iOS platforms for Flipkart. He has been working currently on shipping an entirely new category vertical to Flipkart users. With billions of users still left untapped in India alone, he believes that mobile as a platform has the power and the potential to help our country grow into a supergiant again.



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