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60fps made easy with cross platform RecyclerListView

Submitted by Talha Naqvi (@naqvitalha) on Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


Recycler List View is a highly performant list view that was built by Flipkart engineering to address the lack of great listviews in the React Native community. The talk will be about the need to build one and how we extended the solution to the web and made it truly cross platform. We will also talk about how this listview simplifies your development process given its support for complex layouts, context preservation and progressive rendering out of the box.


Achieving 60fps with recycling
Progressive rendering made easy
Cross platform component (Android/iOS/Web)
Staggered Grid Layout Support
Context Preservation

Speaker bio

Talha is Senior Software Development Engineer at Flipkart responsible for initiating the cross platform efforts. His goal is to enable engineers to build amazing cross platform experiences that do not sacrifice on user experience or performance.


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