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The Westin, Pune

About the event

Nikhil Karkare


Jugalbandi between the product folks and the end users for K-12 LCMS

Submitted Mar 9, 2018

  • What developers and product folks think they know - what the user’s requirements in a school actually are vs. what the developers feel the schools must use.
  • Which platform? Why?
  • Offline / Online / Service Worker?
  • What lies in the future?


We see a ton of LCMS’ in the market - but hardly a few are really worth their salt. Its mostly because either the platform is too restrictive, or because the content is quite poor. Either way, it becomes a non-sustainable product. Let us have a discussion around designing an easy-to-use, rich LCMS for K-12 schools. I can represent the user’s side. Looking for a product designer who can contribute.

Speaker bio

Nikhil V. Karkarey is the co-founder of Walnut Schools. He holds a B.E and M.S in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts, USA. He handles technology and finance at Walnut. Prior to this, he was a co-ordinator at Millennium National School. He has built two e-Learning systems from scratch for both his schools.
He is also active in the technology community in Pune. Recently, he has initiated work on a nation-wide open source computational thinking curriculum for schools called CSPathshala, which is being implemented in over 200 schools.


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