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Sanjeev Mishra


Add Emotional Intelligence in CMS And Grow Traffic by 5X

Submitted Mar 11, 2018

CMS (Content Management System) allows you to build and manage website. It helps in publishing pages frequently and maintain those pages and articles without much effort. But just having a well managed content is not going to bring leads and conversion. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) along with CTR (Click Thru Rate) on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is very important. Organic Traffic from Search Engine will bring hot leads. Apart from that, Social Media will bring traffic and engagement. How to tweak CMS or make it more intelligent and automate few procedures to get moe traffic and growth.

Prefered audience for this talk are people who are already using a CMS and aware of SEO and Social Media Sites.


Importance of CMS, Content is Kingdom but Context is Queen, Adding Emotions in Content and Check EQ, CTR Analysis, Automatation in CMS, Measure Success without Leaving CMS

Speaker bio

I’m using world’s most popular CMS i.e. WordPress since version 2.6. Along with this, I’m actively doing Internet Marketing through Blogging, Affiliate Landing Pages, Email Marketing since past 9 years. In 2016, I co-organized WordCamp Nashik and delivered the opening speech in that. Apart from these, I also attended other WordCamps including Pune and Ahmedabad. I have delivered multiple talks at colleges and different events related to online businesses and marketing. You can find details about me on my website SanjeevMishra.com.

Apart from these, I run Staenz, a full-service digital marketing company in Nashik, India. Along with this, I also run Staenz Academy where educate people about Digital Marketing and Online Businesses via Classroom Program as well as online programs.


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