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Submitted by rithish (@rithish) on Jun 11, 2011

This is a proposal requesting for someone to present on this topic. If you’d like to present, leave a comment.

NoSQL to InnoDB with Memcached

Submitted Jun 11, 2011

Would this be a worthwhile alternative to Memcache, or Key-Value Storage engines like Redis & Riak?


Quoted from above : This offering provides users with the best of both worlds – maintain all of the advantages of rich SQL query language, while providing better performance for simple queries via direct access to shared data.

This is a technology preview, and that means it isn’t ready for production deployments (yet…) However, I think this warrants a discussion as the advantages of this seem too good to give it a miss.

  1. No additional cache management server is required.
  2. No duplicate cache.

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