Scaling PHP in the Cloud

HasGeek’s seventh event, focusing on the challenges of scaling from single to multi-server deployments for PHP-based websites.


PHP is today the world’s most popular open source web development language. It is used by millions of websites, most often via applications like WordPress and Drupal. Deploying a PHP website is straightforward and supported by nearly every web hosting provider.

There are limits to how much load a single web server can take though. For your website to scale, you will sooner or later need to a transition to a multi-server deployment, and this can be hard. It requires thinking about web development in entirely new ways.

The exciting new world of cloud computing promises to make all this much better. “Cloud computing” is an umbrella term for a range of tools and techniques that make scalability possible. Scaling PHP in the Cloud is a one day conference on what it takes to make the leap from single server to multi-server deployments, and of making sense of the new world beyond.

Hashtag: #phpcloud

Sessions are for 45 minutes each (30 talking + 15 Q&A). If you’d like to do a smaller session, please indicate so in the description.

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Scaling PHP in the Cloud was an event by HasGeek in 2011. more

Pankaj Kaushal


Continuous Deployment at Flipkart

Submitted Jun 9, 2011

How to do Continuous Deployments and take what we do at Flipkart as a decent example of that.

Outline is one of India’s top 100 websites in terms of traffic. We use continuous deployment techniques to achieve quick deployments multiple times a day. Techniques and best practices we follow that we believe could be interesting to many others.


Audience is expected to:

  • Have used Debian Gnu/linux or ubuntu
  • Used and understand apt-get
  • Know Unix file permissions, users, groups and process management
  • Understand Debain package management
  • Know how the http protocol works
  • Used svn
  • Understand basics of private key encryption



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Scaling PHP in the Cloud was an event by HasGeek in 2011. more