Scaling PHP in the Cloud

HasGeek’s seventh event, focusing on the challenges of scaling from single to multi-server deployments for PHP-based websites.

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Continuous Deployment at Flipkart

Submitted Jun 9, 2011

How to do Continuous Deployments and take what we do at Flipkart as a decent example of that.

Outline is one of India’s top 100 websites in terms of traffic. We use continuous deployment techniques to achieve quick deployments multiple times a day. Techniques and best practices we follow that we believe could be interesting to many others.


Audience is expected to:

  • Have used Debian Gnu/linux or ubuntu
  • Used and understand apt-get
  • Know Unix file permissions, users, groups and process management
  • Understand Debain package management
  • Know how the http protocol works
  • Used svn
  • Understand basics of private key encryption