Scaling PHP in the Cloud

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Job Queue - web is more than request and response

Submitted by Abhinav Lal on Jun 24, 2011

Section: Deployment Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Lecture Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


how to use Job queues (Beanstalkd, Gearman) to do heavy processing in background making your website faster. Code examples, use cases. Also how to manage your background processes written in php.


How uses Beanstalkd to manage millions of jobs in background to make the website faster and reliable. How you can use a job queue in many use cases like we use it for our sms system to generating real time analytic and using 3rd party services. Also how to manage your background scripts using supervisord. is a simple online software for doctors used by 1000+ clinics 10,000+ doctors to manage 1000000 + patients.




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