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Continuous Deployment at Flipkart

Submitted by Pankaj Kaushal (@spo0nman) on Jun 9, 2011

Section: Deployment Technical level: Advanced Session type: Lecture Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


How to do Continuous Deployments and take what we do at Flipkart as a decent example of that.

Outline is one of India's top 100 websites in terms of traffic. We use continuous deployment techniques to achieve quick deployments multiple times a day. Techniques and best practices we follow that we believe could be interesting to many others.


Audience is expected to:

  • Have used Debian Gnu/linux or ubuntu
  • Used and understand apt-get
  • Know Unix file permissions, users, groups and process management
  • Understand Debain package management
  • Know how the http protocol works
  • Used svn
  • Understand basics of private key encryption




  • Sasidhar Kasturi 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago)

    Interesting. Deployment multiple times a day!!? Does it mean the bugs found during DIT, SIT are fixed and retested in couple of hours?

    • Pankaj Kaushal (@spo0nman) Proposer 9 years ago

      Sasidhar: Not counting the build times … deployment usually take less than 5 minutes so yeah! many many deployments a day. Some components/packages have well defined DIT, SIT; some are tested manually on QA environment before being pushed to prod.

      • Sasidhar Kasturi 9 years ago

        Nice. How big is the team?(I am guessing its small). If the product has many modules and the team is large, lot of time gets spent on coordination across team members over different modules.

        • Pankaj Kaushal (@spo0nman) Proposer 9 years ago

          The teams are usually small enough for people to roam around and talk about code merges. Since the pushes are often there are not many conflicts.

  • rithish (@rithish) 9 years ago

    Interesting indeed.. I am in.

    Discounting the fact of requiring to deploy app-breaking fixes immediately; wouldn’t it be a good practice to club all hygienic-/aesthetic-related features/fixes together and deploy it once-a-day?

  • Kiran Jonnalagadda (@jace) Crew 9 years ago

    So many upvotes and not one question? Come on people, ask away.

  • visuthemoon (@vissuthedatascientist) 9 years ago

    I would like to attend this talk. Where and when it’s going to happen.

    • Pankaj Kaushal (@spo0nman) Proposer 9 years ago

      July 9, 2011, Bangalore

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