Rootconf Miniconf

Rootconf Miniconf

DevOps war stories in e-commerce

Geeta Raghu Vamsi Kotipalli


How to Choose Golang as a Orchestration Layer

Submitted Nov 4, 2014

How To make the Orchestration Layer much more effective to make the Computation of the Transactions more faster and Platform independent through Golang.


By this Session one can understand
1)How to design their Application by choosing Golang as their Orchestration or the Middleware Layer.
2)The Learning Curve to know Golang in depth.

Speaker bio

Vamsi have 6yrs of Experience in IT as a Cloud and Devops Engineer and he had been an Entrepreneur,Intrepeneur and Community Contributor to some of the Open Source Projects like Liferay. He had given good amount of sessions on the Present trend making Applications like Apache Thrift ,Hadoop and AWS in various Firms.Presently working as a Senior Software engineer -Devops in Societie Generale.


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