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anupam mediratta

Intersection of Crossfilter and Angularjs

Submitted Dec 20, 2013

Crossfilter is a visualization library ( which helps you create interactive visualizations. It is built on top of d3.js.

Angularjs is front end javascript frameworks. It has its own data-binding model.

What happens when you want to use crossfilter within angularjs, it gets tricky as both have their own data-binding. So how to merge the two libraries so that crossfilter works with angularjs.


I will walk through the thougth process and code progress to accomplish crossfilter working with angularjs.

Speaker bio

I have background in computer programming. I run a personal finance startup from Bangalore (in conceiving stage). In my free time I learn programming. I was cofounder of

It happened so that I was learning both frameworks at the same time and I was curious how we can marry these two. So I want to share my learnings.


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