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Highly Interactive Charts using Angular Directives

Submitted by Lakshman Prasad (@becomingguru) on Monday, 27 January 2014


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  • Run through developing an Angular Directive from scratch, step by step.
  • Use the developed graphing directive to develop and visualise Sachin Tendulkar's scores.


We have server side libraries that produce good graph images for decades, if not more.

Graphing has now primarily shifted to the frontend primarily because it can offer great interactivity, that's not possible in server side frameworks - Interactivity to filter and choose different data.

In this session, we develop a highchart interactive angular directive that can provide the kind of interactivity the frontend graphing libraries really are awesome for.

Speaker bio

Lakshman Prasad works as a software architect at a consulting firm.

His primary expertise has been web development using Python and the eco system of tools. Of late he has been exploring the data analytics and visualisation end to end.


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