Creating better user experiences

Creating better user experiences

Case studies from UX practitioners on design and iteration processes.

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BookMyShow amphitheater , Mumbai

About the event:

In an effort to create spaces for discussions among practitioners of design and UX, HasGeek is organizing an event on Saturday, 2nd March in Mumbai.

About the talk:

How do you rapidly prototype and build UX? Is it possible to co-create these prototypes with users? Drawing on his experiences with this methodology, Rahul Gonsalves will walk us through the process and the learnings.

Date: Saturday, 2 March.

Time: 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Venue: 101, 1st Floor, DEV Plaza, Opp Andheri Fire Brigade, Andheri (West),
Mumbai 400058

About Rahul Gonsalves

Rahul Gonsalves is the founder of Uncommon, a design company which helps people build digital products. Rahul has been designing websites and mobile applications since 2005. Graduating with a degree in Economics, he decided that that life was not for him, and after a number of years of freelance practice, brought together some of the most talented designers across the country to form uncommon.
Referred to as “one of the faces of New India” by Forbes, he regularly speaks on design, user experience, design processes and typography. An increasingly large portion of his time is now spent helping Uncommon’s household-name clients hire design leadership, build and scale design capabilities and insource business-critical design functions.

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Shubham Aniket Pachori


Designing High Growth Products

Submitted Feb 16, 2019

Designing products which grow exponentially in user base is a lost art. We design and develop apps which hit a slack in growth after a while, because they are not designed keeping two fundamental concepts in mind - user don’t buy your product they hire your product and the product we develop should stick with the user.
This talk aims at giving a detailed framework for understanding your user’s need with a prespective of for which job will user hire your product, how and what part of job your product will be able to complete. It will also provides you with various techniques of providing an experience which sticks with your user.


Speaker bio

Currently, I am working as a product management ninja at where we are set on the journey of reinventing the Global Shipping Industry. At Shipmnts, I understand the product requirements of users within a complex domain, prioritize them from a business standpoint and a user successes point of view and then architect the solution along with a super talented team.
In short I am on a journey of building an operating system for global trade.




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