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Submitted by Sathish Kumar Thiyagarajan (@sathishk) on Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Section: Full talk Technical level: Intermediate


While we develop Java based web applications across multiple domains like Banking, Retail and Real estate, One common use-case we have is to enable our customers to manage their web content effectively.Typically today’s Content Management is done by SYSTEMS which are standalone solutions that requires a separate skill set to work on. What if we can build these features as embeddable LIBRARY that we shall attach to our applications easliy. Zols is the open source project that is aimed at solving this problem. I would like to present the idea and the the benifts of solving Content management as a library instead of a system.


Embedded CMS, Headless CMS, Direct HTML Linking, Natutural Templating


Spring Boot

Speaker bio

Solution Architect and Open Source enthusiast having decade of experience in solving Complex Business problems. Active member and speaker at various Open source User groups.Spoken at various conferences like COLLABORATE, OSSPAC. I am working as an Architect at OOYALA India, Chennai.



  • Souvik Das Gupta (@souvikdg) a year ago

    Could you further elaborate on the outline of the talk, and who in the audience do you think would benefit most from this talk? Also, I see laptop in the requirements — is there an element of a workshop or any hands on participation by the audience?

  • Sathish Kumar Thiyagarajan (@sathishk) Proposer a year ago

    This will benifit for those who has CMS requirmenet(rather limited) and does not want to invest on full fledged external systems. In specific, This will be useful for ecommerse applications and news websites. Laptop will be plus as 5 minutes of hands-on will help the audiance to underastand the idea better.

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