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The CSS tricks you are not using

Submitted by Praveen Puglia on Tuesday, 12 June 2018


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A lot of UI problems can be solved cleverly just using CSS. This talk takes us through a range of tricks that I have used and haven’t seen a lot of people using in solving those problems.


CSS now has a much bigger API surface area and a lot of new things have been added to it over time. This has also brought in many ways to solve UI problems in cleverer ways. So many things that needed JS in past, can now be solved in an elegant, performant way using CSS, in a slightly different way.

I am going to be showing a bunch of tricks that cover real world use cases, how we solve them now and how we can solve them better if we can change the usage of existing CSS properties / take a leap forward into lesser known CSS features.


Basic understanding of how CSS works.

Speaker bio

I love CSS the most and I do code art on CodePen. Head over to my CodePen profile for a showcase :)



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    Sarath Pravallika (@sarathachyuta) 9 months ago

    looking forward for it

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