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"Engineering to embrace change" Or "How clumsy engineering can lead to powerful research – Part II"

Submitted by Srihari Sriraman (@ssrihari) on Saturday, 29 September 2018


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This talk will be an engineering perspective to

Short feedback cycles are important, but they are hard to execute. In software, faster cycles often imply higher churn. It is difficult to keep the abstractions sound, and the code clean when trying to deliver production quality software at a high speed.

At, we took a radical approach to build throw-away applications for experimentation and research. This talk will delve into the insights we had in the process.


  1. Planning efficiently for short development cycles
  2. Extreme programming (XP) with designers
  3. Technologies, and programming languages to consider for thow-away applications
  4. Software abstractions to use when dealing with a lot of churn
  5. Keeping software stupid, and simple
  6. How rebuilding from scratch can be a blast

Speaker bio

Srihari is a FOSS enthusiast. He has contributed to Gimp, Eclipse, Diaspora and is excited about opportunities to give back. He has been writing Clojure, and other functional languages for over 5 years now, and over this time, he has managed engineering on products, engineered low latency systems, large analytics platforms, monitoring solutions, distributed payment platforms and multiple simulation testing systems.

He is passionate about fostering the Clojure community, conducts workshops, and organizes IN/Clojure. He also works on computational music synthesis and generation as a hobby. He is a partner at nilenso, a hippie tree hugging bicycle riding software cooperative based in Bangalore.


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