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Notification Models

Submitted by Vinod Pillai (@vinodpillai) on Friday, 26 August 2016

Section: Full talk Technical level: Beginner


The talk is about a brief view and attempt at classifying notification types so we can understand them better. Helping us understand it better might let us design and define it’s use cases better. And ultimately it will help us identify and predict the future. My talk makes a slight prediction of how notification systems are increasingly taking center stage and how the future makes the ‘on boarding’ process one of the most crucial ways to engage with your users.


1.What notifications are
2.Their Types / classifications / use cases
3.What notifications aren’t and why
4.Good and bad examples of notifications
5.The future of notification
6.Open ended questions

Speaker bio

Vinod Pillai who is a holistic digital designer: which means he engages in designing with focus on your end business objective while lending design thinking and good usability practices to create engaging and implementable UI + UX designs.

He is a grade one coffee snob, biking enthusiast, photo maker, omelette inhaler and shamelessly capable of talking about himself in third person.




  • Praneet Koppula (@praneetk) 3 years ago

    Hi Vinod, just your slide no 15 “bringing in the models of notification into your app” itself deserves a full talk. While there are a large number of articles written about good and bad notifications and thier importance, most common puzzle for designers/app builders is a lack of a method/framework on how to plan and build notifications into thier apps.

    Would be great if you can use the examples and intro to the framework to build up and spend mroe time talking about how to plan, design, build and test notifications…

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