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Simplifying CSS using {Less}

Submitted by Jigar Jain (@jigarjain) on Mar 11, 2015

Section: Workshops Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


Writing scalable & modular CSS using preprocessors (LESS)


When it comes to building Web Apps, writing HTML & CSS is inevitable. And as an application grows big, the CSS becomes unwieldy. That is where giving a programmable logic(till some extent) to CSS can be really helpful.

We will be taking a look at:
- Modularization - Variables - Functions - Mixins - Nesting - DRY - Caveats

We will design a simple web page where all the features of Less preprocessor will be demonstrated. Basically I intend to show that how even CSS can be made programmable :)

At end of the workshop, you will be comfortable with CSS preprocessors & you might enjoy writing CSS.


A laptop with
- Less installed ( - Simple text editor

Speaker bio

With around 3 years experience in building multiple web applications & a special place for CSS in heart, I have seen how using preprocessors have improved my CSS writing & management skills.



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