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Scaling test automation for mobile apps and exploring Continuous Integration

Submitted by Pooja Shah (@p00j4) on Jan 21, 2015

Section: Application Design – full talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


  • Parameters to check to ensure the quality of app across platforms & across browsers
  • Is taking multiple releases live daily a pain, especially when scalability is of concern! Come, lets hear the challenges we faced @goibibo & watch live demo of what we did and doing resolve them.


Mobile is taking over the world and my app works awesomely on Android :-)
wait a second! OMG! it breaks on iPad !!!
1. Where are our Automated Tests which can test on web & mobile cross platform/browser before a release goes live?
2. Can Unit Tests alone make sure to have the app working on android 4.4.4, 3.0, ios & windows as well?
3. Won’t the backend release going live hamper my front end app which is already in appstore from a month ?
4. Where is the plan to reduce Time To market?
5. Where is the Continuous Integration, is Jenkins helpful?

Speaker bio

An automation nerd, working with Loves to figure out ways to improve quality of the product by hook or crook. github/pooja



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