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HTTP 2 and What's it all about

Submitted by Ankit Jain (@ankitjaininfo) on Dec 7, 2014

Section: Performance – full talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Cancelled


  1. Create awareness of upcoming HTTP 2 protocol.
  2. As a web-developer what you need to be prepared of.


  1. HTTP1.1 and current limitations. Where are we. How developers mitigate these limitations. The need of a new protocol.
  2. A little background of HTTP2.0, how it got started, current status, future adoption.
  3. HTTP2.0 Features: Multiplexing, Server Push, Header Compression.
  4. How it affects web developer’s job.
  5. What a Web Developer need to worry about.

Speaker bio

I’m a Full Stack Developer with 8 years of experience across platforms. Currently working with Gainsight. Building scalable applications is what attracts me most. Call me anytime for any new challenge for Nodejs, Mongo, Redis and Android..



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