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Creating a Data Driven UI Framework

Submitted by Ankur Bansal (@ankurbansal177) on Saturday, 28 February 2015


Technical level



Application design – crisp talk



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To discuss an approach to create scalable UI framework and configurable UI components to incorporate custom requirements of web applications.


The session will be about the data driven UI generation with the help of angularjs. Some of the powerful features of angularjs like
Two way data binding,
Dynamic templates, and
On the go compilation of HTML
are used to achieve the goal. Generally, multiple HTML templates are created for different views in a web application but we are going to discuss an approach where we create dynamic dom generator based on the JSON received and what to do to write the reusable code.



Speaker bio

I am Ankur Bansal. I am working as a front end developer from past 2 years and have worked in creating single page applications using angularjs. I have also acquired some expertise in creating highly configurable d3js charts for visualising multi dimensional data on web.



  • 2
    Paresh (@pareshgoel222) 4 years ago

    Looking forward to hear it live

  • 1
    Neha Sukede (@rajputnk08) 4 years ago

    Waiting for more updates.

  • 1
    rohit yadav (@rohitya01) 4 years ago

    Yeah, waiting for updates.

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