Meta Refresh 2015: Pune Run-up

Design enhancements and UX advancements in mobile web

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As the digital ecosystem becomes increasingly diverge and complex, we are looking at designing interfaces and experiences that work across the entire spectrum of digital devices. The devices under consideration varies from smartphones and tablets to specialized devices such as eReaders, smartTVs and Internet of things.

In this session, we intend to concentrate on the progressive enhancements on the user experience of mobile sites, changes in layout/font/tools, and in the process try to answer the question- “How to design to serve all these mobile devices?”

Schedule: TBA

Date: 14 March, 2015

Venue: Equal Experts

4C, 2nd Floor Cerebrum IT Park - B3, Above D Mart, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
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Jay Mistry


User Experience and Psychology

Submitted Mar 3, 2015

I came across tons of good ideas which ended up at nowhere due to bad User Experience.
I want to cover some of them to learn from other’s mistake and fundamentals of UX to make product more stable and easy to use.


User experience plays an important role in the success of any product. We will cover the basic fundamentals of user experience and how we can improve it with several simple practice. How user experience is connected with Human psychology and how bad user experience can make or break a product and what to avoid while building the product.

Speaker bio

UI/UX consultant, Full stack designer @ Testbook,
Entreprenuer, Occasional Front-end Developer.
I help startups to make more scalable and easy to use UI with the help of UX.
Purveyor of fine mischief.



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Sweta Bangera

An Overview of User Centered Design

To optimize a user’s experience of a system, product, or process. more

10 Mar 2015