Meta Refresh 2015: Kochi Run-up

Responsive web design and best practices

Responsive web design - beyond media queries

Submitted by Ehthishamtk Tk (@ehthisham) on Wednesday, 25 March 2015


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To introduce audience about the new tools and trends out there to improve their responsive web designing experience.


Web developers today are familiar with the concept of RWD. Its been a while since we started working with media queries. But often we use heavy frameworks like bootstrap to build responsive websites and end up with so many unnecessary classes and pre-formatted markups.
In this talk we’ll go through basics of Sass Susy to build smarter web layout, use of svg in responsive web design and a little about responsive typography.

Speaker bio

I am one of the Co founder of Vyooha. I’ve have been playing with front end designing for a few years, and I love exploring new technologies on the web.




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