Meta Refresh 2015: Kochi Run-up

Responsive web design and best practices

In talk with the user and design experience.

Submitted by Abid Aboobaker on Mar 23, 2015

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


Sharing stories on Ux and design thinking.


Organisations are beginning to understand that to stay relevant in this fast-paced, hyper-connected world, they have to gain a deep knowledge of their users and design experience that intract with users. The age of user interface designs is no more, start design experience. For past 3 years I was working as frond-end ninja and learning users and building solutions for ux problems, this is what I learned.

Speaker bio

I’m a user experience strategist/researcher who dying to know how techonolgy prodcuts profoundly changes human life. I code for good and speak in php, html, css, js etc. I craft experience to make life more simple and innovative.

In startup ecosystem for past three years and partner in crime in a dozen of products. Expert in the technology, tools and management techniques, required creating first class products quickly and consistently. Simply, I call my laziness to build in reality as ‘Ideapreneur’ - so, worked as consultant/advisor to few startups in Kochi and Bangalore.


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