Landing Pages Optimization - Things you can do to "Test"

Submitted by Vipul Taneja (@rockstarvipul) on Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Technical level: Intermediate

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Elements that effects the user experience and thus your ROI.Tweaks/Testing you need to learn.


Today , Everything is just ROI. Everything that you build on web , including every small element on your web page is important. A small tweak can change your ROI drastically. This talk is focussed towards the elements you can test and the best practises for lead gen or Pre Sale pages.



Speaker bio

Vipul Taneja is the CEO of AdSparkx media, a company specializing in affiliate marketing and online advertising. He has spent the past few years generating enormous leads to 100+ companies accross the globe. In addition to that, he is actively involved with startups and mentor them about Marketing.


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